Cruel irony, or mere community theater on the high seas? Bespectacled mid-season replacement Joey Grecowhom devotees swear stabbed ousted "Cheaters" host Tommy Grand in the back, was himself ventilated with a fishing knife over the weekend. Soon blurry-faced "Mitchell" tires of Mr. However, just as the boat-borne tussle settles, someone yelps "Blood! The show then came to a chilling close with Joey being rushed ashore to the care of paramedics — mall as cameras continued to roll.

But is it all Barnum-ish bunk? Well, Mr. Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Skip to content. Spring Cruel irony, or mere community theater on the high seas? Might the guy falling in the lake be a diversion? None is ever seen. Suspect is never shown in police custody.

Greco arrives ashore less bloodied than moments before. No one other than Joey applies pressure to his wound. Why would anyone be allowed to leave the scene? How does a maintenance supervisor afford a big-ass jet boat? How are TWO cameras allowed along for the ambulance ride? Why would an ambulance stop well short of the ER entrance? Those puffs of smoke from the Grassy Knoll?

Sorry, force of habit.Why are these shows so popular? Because we love reality television. In these shows, we are given a scenario that is largely staged or altered. Does this impact the entertainment value of a show?

Not necessarily.

However, some people may feel differently knowing the truth behind the reality of their favorite reality shows. As former show participants have revealed, the majority of what House Hunters gives viewers is an illusion. As former show participant Bobi noted on the Hooked on Houses blog, to be accepted for the show, she and her family had to have already secured a home to purchase in order to be on the show.

While the show has a fun house buyer escapism aspect to it, the reality is less than entertaining. The VH1 show The Pickup Artistwhich ran a total of two seasons in andwas a reality show geared at helping clueless cast members find love. A bit like a reality TV show version of the Will Smith film Hitchcontestants are supposed to be groomed from socially awkward nerds into heartthrob worthy hunks.

reality host stabbed

While not everyone on this show has real skills when it comes to wooing the opposite sex, some of the contestants are completely faking their socially awkward ways.

For example, The Pickup Artists season 1 contestant and winner Greg Fellows was presented as needing help from the show to up his game, when in reality, Fellows had already had a taste of the spotlight prior to his time on the show.

reality host stabbed

The show provides plenty of bidding drama and personality among the bidders. Often times, bidders are out large sums of money for a storage unit that has less than exciting items inside.

reality host stabbed

On occasion, bidders will get lucky and win a bid for a storage unit that has items of actual value, allowing them to sell the items and make a profit off their purchase of the unit contents. A somewhat surprising hit from Discovery channel, Alaskan Bush People features the lives of the Brown family.

The Browns are posed as a true wildlife enthusiast Alaskan family who relies on their hunting, fishing and bartering skills to survive in the Alaskan wilderness.

Complete with odd beard choices and even stranger social skills, the Browns are an interesting group to watch. In the early s, the MTV reality car makeover show Pimp My Ride with host Xzibit had audiences in awe of how a dingy, neglected old car could go from lame first car status to a pimped out ride that would be the envy of everyone on the street.

When the car was returned, not only did the vehicle have a new paint job and parts, but the best features possible, including killer sound systems and even televisions were integrated into the car.

In a time before backup cameras and dashboard television streaming and navigation, the cars on Pimp My Ride seemed unbelievable. From actors, musicians, and famous athletes, it seemed that most anyone that would be worthy of the red carpet was welcome to participate on the show.

From extravagant homes, to tricked out cars and dream worthy accessories, these stars welcomed viewers into their homes to see just how celebrities choose to live their lives. Some viewers believe that much of the show was staged to give celebrity homes a more jaw-dropping appeal. Cooking reality shows are everywhere. From restaurant pioneers to bakery gurus and cuisine artists, cooking reality shows regularly leave viewers hungry for both food and more drama.

Calm Teen Calls 911 After Train Severs Feet: 'I Think It Cut Them Off'

While many contest based reality shows are suspiciously unrealistic, one show truly takes the cake. In an article published by The Inquisitr, former contestant Ben Starr asserted that the show was anything but reality. In the article, Starr suggested that all reality television, including MasterChef is geared at entertainment, not at creating a realistic view of any said scenario.Joel attended Evangel University, a private liberal arts college in Springfield, Missouri, from which he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

Clark Gable’s Grandson, Ex-Host Of ‘Cheaters’ Found Dead At 30

Joey was many things before he began his career on television; he started as a counselor but switched to a career in fitness. He focused on Dallas, earning a name for himself as a fitness trainer, but then again chose to become a real estate manager. He was also a barista at a seafood restaurant. Joey was replaced in by Clark Gable III, however, it was in that he returned as the host of the show that launched him to the stars.

'Fixer Upper' house-hunting scenes are fake, show participant claims

Although the show received mixed to negative reviews, the show still runs and has more than episodes. In he was Det. However, after a thorough investigation by media and police, it was established that all was staged.

The police said that no one reported the crime, and therefore no one was arrested. Furthermore, Joey has been involved in several legal problems, including facing charges of restraining a woman, among numerous other accusations. Joey stands at 5ft 9ins 1.

He has brown hair, turning grey, and his eyes are brown. Joey Greco has kept his personal life under a veil of mystery, despite appearing on television every day. Consequently rumors of him being gay surfaced, however, after thorough research, it was discovered that Joey was once a married man. His wife, Eanna and he married inbut have since divorced, and there is no further information about his wife.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Joey Greco. Contents 1 Who is Joey Greco?

Behind the scenes with me, Joey Greco. View this post on Instagram. Related Articles. March 9, January 23, December 13, December 27, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The premise was that an ostensibly spurned lover would contact the Cheaters team with suspicions that their significant other was being unfaithful.

Cheaters would then send a private detective to tail the suspected cheater until enough evidence had been accumulated to confirm the initial suspicions.

It was a simple, yet effective formula. Kind of like your Jerry Springer crossed with Cops. But what was going on behind the scenes? I recently went down the wormhole, and here are some discoveries that I made about the trashiest show of the aughts. This was something I actually already knew, as I was a fan of Cheaters from early on.

Tommy Grand was kind of a damp sponge of a host and lacked the smug, sanctimonious pizazz of Joey Greco, so he was replaced in At the time they wrote:. They also tend to be younger and better looking than real cheaters, who often will not consent to allow the show to air their faces. It makes sense. In a episode, during the most epic confrontation scene ever, Greco and friends track down a shirtless redneck accused of cheating on his girlfriend, who was out on a boat with his mistress at the time.

Rather than wait until they came back to shore, the team rented a boat of their own and threw down some amateur coastguard action by pulling the boat over and climbing aboard, which led to the angry boyfriend stabbing Joey Greco in the ensuing scuffle.

Sure, it would have been totally great if Greco had actually been stabbed, so we could fully appreciate his stoicism in the aftermath.

The episode depicted the assailant being arrested and hauled off my police, however, Inside Edition later did some poking around and found that no arrest matching the description of the attack had been made by the Texas police department where the incident allegedly took place. In Joey Greco was involved in some kind of mockumentary series about a team of ghost chasers, which inexplicably has eighteen episodes listed on IMDB.

It was Wiseau-level bad. Contrary to popular thought, Cheaters is still alive. After kicking Greco to the curb in in hopes of bringing in some fresh, new talent, Goldstein hired year-old Clark Gable III, grandson of the legendary screen actor of the same name. One thing Gable shares with Joey Greco besides being the host of Cheaters is that he was actually stabbed at a Los Angeles house party in The Stabbing Was Also Totally Staged In a episode, during the most epic confrontation scene ever, Greco and friends track down a shirtless redneck accused of cheating on his girlfriend, who was out on a boat with his mistress at the time.

Sorry, guys. April 14, by: Zac Gelfand. April 14, by: Carolyn Droke. April 13, by: Derrick Rossignol Facebook Twitter. April 10, by: Cherise Johnson Twitter. April 10, by: Andre Gee Twitter. April 9, by: Aaron Williams Twitter.Joel Stephen "Joey" Greco born February 29, is an American television personality and actor, best known as the long- time host of the reality TV show Cheaters[1] hosting for ten seasons.

Greco was born and raised on Long Island. He began his working career as a counselorlater becoming a fitness trainer in Dallas, before switching careers yet again to become a real estate manager. He has also appeared in television commercials.

In earlyGreco was allegedly stabbed by a cheating boyfriend when the Cheaters crew boarded the man's boat; however, on November 3,the news magazine program Inside Edition interviewed the female companion, who said it was all staged. Greco was confronted a week later by the program's investigative reporter Matt Meagher. Greco declined to answer any of Meagher's questions, stating he couldn't legally comment on the accusation.

John Ellison of the Rowlett Police Department stated on the same program that "There were no arrests at all during that time period for that type of crime. InGreco starred in, wrote, and produced a pseudo-reality series called Ghostbreakers.

Greco returned to host the fifteenth-season finale of Cheaters for the second case; however, Greco responded on his Twitter page that the case was one that never had aired from In FebruaryGreco hosted a Netflix parody of Cheaters titled "Netflix Cheaterz", as an ad campaign to deter spouses or lovers from watching Netflix shows episodes before their other half.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Los Angeles Times. Inside Edition. June 28, Retrieved November 16, The Dallas Morning News.The year-old budding actor will be replacing the much-loved Joey Greco, who has hosted the show for 10 years.

After the infidelity is confirmed via hidden cameras - it moves on to the confrontation phase, which inevitably leads to some Jerry Springer-style fighting. As many fans of the guilty pleasure series remember, back in Greco was famously stab when a confrontation on a boat went horribly wrong. Many criticized the show, calling the incident a cheap stunt a clip of the incident will be posted below, so you be the judge - but it seems real enough to have new host Gable somewhat nervous about his new gig:.

But I feel it's what I want to do and I can't live life in fear. I just take everything one day at a time. I can't say I'm not afraid. I am thrown into these environments.

What I'm doing is dangerous. When you get people who are cheating on each other it gets very, very heated in some of the arguments. I'm learning slowly. I'm no Joey Greco but I do the best I can. Like Greco, Gable is also no stranger to a stabbing: Back in Augustthe then year-old Gable was stabbed three times in the rib cage following a fight at a LA house party, and had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center with a collapsed lung. In January, Gable was arrested for pointing a green laser at a Los Angeles police helicopter as it flew feet over Hollywood.

Gable was sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years of probation. Despite the wannabe bad boy image, Gable admits that at first he was a bit out of his element with Cheaterssaying:.

Joey Greco

These people are throwing real punches. This is a very sensitive subject. When they cheat on each other and get caught dead to rights, there is no explanation they can give, so what comes out is anger. Not going to lie - It will be sad to see Greco go from the show. His calm and cool confrontation style is what made you both love him and want to punch him in the face. Source: THR. Many criticized the show, calling the incident a cheap stunt a clip of the incident will be posted below, so you be the judge - but it seems real enough to have new host Gable somewhat nervous about his new gig: "I do have some minor concerns about this.

Related Topics TV News.Most people know that reality TV doesn't always represent "reality," but just how fake can these shows get? The answer: really, really, really fake. Whether this means light embellishments like reshooting a scene that may have been missed, or outright lies like portraying cast members as total strangers when, in fact, have a child together, reality TV producers have run the gamut when it comes to bending the truth in search of a ratings win.

Perhaps the greatest reality TV hoax of all time is just the general acceptance of the format by its viewers, who could have shut the whole concept down by not watching. Alas, the complete opposite happened, and reality TV muscled it's way onto the majority of both network and cable programming schedules.

But that doesn't mean it's gotten any more legitimate over time. Here's a look at reality TV's worst hoaxes and lies. Sound ridiculous? That's nothing compared to the drama that unfolded behind the scenes. Just two episodes into Breaking Amishreports circulated that the show's cast members weren't exactly who they said they were.

Among the craziest allegations: two cast members said to be meeting for the first time actually had a child together; and another said to be leaving the faith for the first time had allegedly split about 14 years prior. The scandal eventually grew so big that TLC had to release a statement. Dinner: Impossible star Robert Irvine boasted about his incredible curriculum vitae, which included a role in designing Princess Diana's wedding cake, or so he claimed.

Inthe St. The Food Network fired Irvine from the show shortly thereafter, replacing him with chef Michael Symon. Despite the embarrassing scandal, Irvine actually returned to the Food Network later that year.

Inhe was reinstated as host of Dinner: Impossible for a serving of episodes. Inthe United Kingdom's Channel 4 conducted an investigation into Man vs. In light of the scandal, some of the episodes in question were re-edited for British and American audiences. The show also made adjustments to become more transparent to viewers. Millions of Americans' mindless Saturday afternoons were ruined in when a former participant on HGTV's House Hunters claimed her experience on the show was fixed by producers.

The participant, Bobi Jensen, told the Hooked on Houses blog that she and her family had already picked a home before taping the show. She said the remaining two houses they viewed on TV were really just their friends' homes. HGTV responded to Jensen's claims in a statement to Entertainment Weeklyadmitting things can change due to production timing restraints and the process moving too quickly. In his lawsuit, he alleged that "nearly every aspect of the series is faked" and accused the crew of "salting," a term for planting valuable objects inside participants' lockers.

Hester says he wasn't asked back on the show after he complained about its practices to the network.